Breakout is the first characters based real escape game operator in the world which offers the combination of escape games with characters role playing strategies.

A Malaysia-made brand, BREAKOUT is founded in 2014 by 5 young Malaysians with its first two outlets in Avenue K and NU Sentral Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Our Theme Rooms

Each escape room is designed to have its own storyline, mindboggling puzzle, tasks and stratagems that have to be completed within 45 minutes. Players will be locked inside each game room and they will start with different scenarios such as handcuffed, trapped or even caged based on the storyline. They will need to use their wits, skills and teamwork to solve the puzzles and breakout from the rooms using the clues given.

What is Characters?

Characters with special abilities are introduced to instil analytical, time management, decision-making and strategizing skills among players.