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Breakout Characters

The introduction of characters in real escape game enhances game play strategy among players, creating a more
intense atmosphere where a twist on decision-making becomes a new and crucial part of the game. Each character comes with their own perks, and players are designated with an individual responsibility to help the team Breakout. Character abilities can also be paired strategically to form the perfect team to tackle different game cubes so that players can achieve minimal completion time and emerge as the winner of the week.

Choice of Characters

  • The Gemini

    In the spirit of the astrological zodiac twin, the Gemini is able to duplicate another character’s ability, except the Assassin and Lockmaster. Although it is a difficult decision to make, a choice must be made before the start of the game.
  • The Scholar

    A unique opportunity to have a glimpse into the inner workings of the room and plan ahead. This player is privy to extra game information such as the level of difficulty and physical requirements of the solve in the game.
  • Time Bender

    The ability to gain 5 minutes in addition to the 45 minute game play, or exchange their power for a hint. If the Time Bender character decides not to trade their power for a hint, an extra 5 minute bonus will be added at the end of the game.
  • The Oracle

    Described as one of the most challenging characters, the Oracle is tasked with the responsibility to see into the future. A series of abstract photos related to the room are divulged prior to the game, and it is this player’s duty to use their memory to help the team recognize the order of the objects […]
  • The Lightbringer

    A light source that has privilege to the use of a flashlight. This player may use the flashlight as often as possible during the gameplay or can exchange it for a hint at any time.
  • Lock Master

    An important role to be used at any time during the game. The Lockmaster has access to one code to unlock a specific lock within the room. If unused, this character may exchange their power to obtain a hint.
  • Healer

    The ability to revive the character “assassinated” by the Assassin. The Healer has one chance to save one player, along with the player’s character ability. Therefore, proper planning needs to be done and decisions must be made prior to summoning the GM. If a Healer is present, the assassinated character can be revived immediately and […]
  • Assassin

    A villain with the power to change the game. The Assassin has the ability to remove one teammate from gameplay in order to obtain an answer to the current puzzle, for the benefit of the team. The “assassinated” teammate is penalized from gameplay for 5 minutes and handcuffed to the entrance of the room. Decisions […]